Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Show & Tell - Warm Tootsies

Happy Thursday!

Show & Tell Thursday's

I dont know about you, but for me... if my feet are cold, all of me feels cold.  So when I see my kids running around in the winter with bare feet that feel like icicles I start to shiver...  Next problem though: how to convince them that wearing slippers will make, not only Mum, but them feel better too?  Make them personalised slippers!

They all got to give me a run down of what they would roughly like.  A chose her yarn and wanted princess slippers.

H wanted Zebra slippers...

L sensed she was being conned and would only relent to yellow... her sisters decided they needed to be yellow bunnies...
Except for the bows, the rest was all made up as I went along and "custom-fitted" for size :)  All are double stranded (one wool and one acrylic yarn).  And they are loved and have been worn! Win!  (Except for L who was not wrong in her sense that this was all a ploy and will only play with them and occasionally wear them... at least she puts some socks on now!)

Last opportunity this week to link up for our August giveaway - one of Lisa from Big Little's awesome patterns!  Head over and have a look at her amazing goodies, as the winner will get to choose one of her patterns and will also receive a copy of the latest Bespoke magazine!

Have you made anything for your kids to overcome resistance?  Please do tell!

Thank you for stopping by and linking in.  You guys are awesome and I'm looking forward to being inspired by your makings this week!
Have a happy day :)
L xx


  1. youngest and smartest aye? I love these so much. I really can't even pic a fav - maybe the zebras?? Adorable.

  2. Armergerd!! These are so adorable, love the zebra and its crazy eyes. You're amazing to do so much crafting, I am blaming sick children for lack of crafting this week. Yep.

  3. these are seriously cute, i'm sure i don't know a child who wouldn't be charmed by them. claud loves knit slipper, no convincing required as they are good for making sliding on the polished wood floors possible!

  4. I love your slippers so much. I can't decide which I like the best! Perhaps the yellow ones, I have a soft spot for yellow on little girls :) xx

  5. They are so awesome. You should do a pattern up

  6. Oh my gosh! they are incredibly CUTE!!! I want some zebra ones!! !you are so clever.

  7. You are a canny mummy Leonie! Cute AND useful :-)

  8. love them! Great to see them all together finished :) xxxx

  9. Those slippers are wonderful, I especially like the yellow bunnies. Keeping slippers on is a universal issue I think!

  10. Love love love the zebra slippers!!! So so cool! (do they come in adult sizes? hee hee!)

  11. They are soooo adorable!! and ofcourse some zebra slippers!! Fantastic :))

  12. Awsome. So cute and such a great idea. I'm thinking yellow bunnies might look good on me!

  13. These are totally gorgeous
    You are so talented my friend
    And I smiled at the Zebra ones - of course she wanted Zebras
    Love your girls Love you


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