Sunday, 5 August 2012

12 Inches

Every few years I get bored and crave a change...  with my hair...  In general I always grow it out and have long long hair.  But when I was 17 I cut the whole lot off into a very short hairstyle that was quite fun... then grew it out and again about 6 years ago I got the urge and chopped the lot off to just over 1" all round... Soooo not surprisingly the last few months I have been contemplating a change again... and then on Wednesday I saw this.  You can imagine what happened next...

I got on the phone, made an appointment with Emma at the hairdressers, spoke to a friend about babysitting my girls for a couple of hours, and 24 hours later...

Gone - the lot of it.  Not quite to an inch - I still wanted my children to have a shot at recognising me : )  But 12 inches gone and tomorrow winging it's way to the Pantene Beautiful Lenghts Donation Programme to be turned into a wig for cancer patients.  It feels great that what I no longer want or need is hopefully going to be used to make someone who is suffering feel a little bit brighter : )

I don't really do photo's of myself in general so finding a before was a bit tricky...  Cat was a little surprised as she suspected somehow, and my husband was too upon arriving home the next day after 3 weeks overseas!

I am enjoying the new "do" for now, and am really hopeful my 12 inches will make someone else feel gorgeous :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
L x


  1. Ha you look fantastic!! You have such beautiful big eyes. I think the cut really suits you and it's so nice to SEE you online :o) you'll be joining us on wardrobe Wednesday before you you know it!

  2. Wow, you look gorgeous!! what a lovely thing to do.

  3. Yes Yes Yes go you
    I'm so lucky to have such caring giving woman in my life
    Love you xxx

  4. AWESOME! You new 'do looks so sophisticated! :)

    Such a totally awesome thing to do! Go you!!



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