Monday, 26 November 2012

Our Daily Bread

Hi Lovelies,
I've been meaning to share this great recipe with you for a while now.  Easy peasy scrummy yummy bread.  We bake at least one loaf a day!  The original recipe can be found over here.

I follow most of it with one or two alterations.  Here's what we do:

In a bowl thoroughly mix together:
1.5 cups of water
3 tsps of Edmonds Surebake yeast (if you are using a different type you'll probably need to change the quantity)
3 cups of flour
1.5 tsps of salt

Cover with Gladwrap and let it rise for 12 - 18 hours.  We usually make up the dough between 5-6pm and bake around 7am the next morning before heading out the door.

Set the oven to 220'C.  Place an enamel covered cast iron pot (or anything with a lid that can take the heat) in the oven to pre-heat at the same time until the oven is up to temperature.

Now turn the risen dough out onto a heavily floured surface.  This dough is super sticky so it pays to flour your hands too.  Shape it into a ball and then pop it into the hot pot.  Be careful of that hot pot!

Bake for 30 minutes with the lid on.  After this time remove the lid and bake for a further 5 minutes or so without it, if it needs further browning.

It should come out smelling and looking delicious!  Place the bread on a wire rack to cool.

Finally slice and enjoy!

Edit:  A wee tip I've been meaning to give for ages to speed the process up:
Use lukewarm water and sprinkle the yeast on top.  Then chuck in the flour and salt.  The warm water will help the yeast activate quicker.
Using warm water or even on a hot day, the dough will be ready in a matter of 2 or 3 hours.  You dont have to bake it straight away of course but it does help if you need a loaf on the same day!
We often mix at night and bake in the morning, or mix in the morning and bake in the evening.  On the weekends we often mix a loaf in the morning and by the time lunch rolls along we have a steaming loaf fresh out of the oven!
Also, we often add seeds and nuts and occasionally use wholemeal flour.  Just experiment with what works.  We don't really measure any additions and haven't had a dodgy loaf yet!  It's just so versatile and easy!

Have a happy week!
L x


  1. And I can confirm it is scrummy yummy scrumptious
    But does NOT work out the same when made with self raising flour LOL

  2. I've been making a bit too but I think I need to adjust my yeast levels as i'm using active yeast rather than a mixture and it is quite holey

  3. Ooh goodie, i need an overnighter recipe instead of faffing all day with multiple risings.ive got instant active too so i shall try halving the amount...thanks x

  4. Yummy.... I love bread... trouble is I would eat the whole loave !! xx

  5. Oh yum! Have you tried a gluten free version?

  6. i sux a bread wonder if i can acchieve this hugss xo

  7. Yum! Cat told me about this today. Looks like a great recipe.

  8. SO SO GOOD! I'm gonna try thisssssss.....


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