Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Say Hi to the Dinosaur Tribe...

I whipped these guys up in a day based on what I saw here

Mine ended up a little different as I struggled with some aspects of the pattern... they still turned out ok!  Again more gifts for more children - these ones are headed over to my nephews and niece and another who will make his/her appearance next year : )

I will put up a tutorial and amended pattern of how these guys were made later on!

Happy Thursday everyone!
L xx

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  1. oh they are so cute!! especially like the one out of pink fabric, looks like it is wearing a crown/tiara on its head - cute!

  2. Me thinks I am going to have the Justine Clark song stuck in my head all day now.

    I adore your dinos. They look fantastic. Truly ruly. Adoring your fabric choices muchly... heading off now for the pattern.

  3. These would make such gorgeous gifts! I'm with Leonie, the pink one is my fave!

  4. Thesea are AWESOME!!!! my son and daughters would love these!!
    great fabric pick too.
    new follower too.

  5. Very very cute -well done!
    Wish you a nice day

  6. I love your Dinosaur Tribe!!! My favourite would have to be the green stars. I'm sure your nephews and niece will love them. I'm going to check out that pattern. Thanks for sharing the link.

  7. Hi Leonie, I popped over from Catalinas cottage, I LOVE your dinasour, esp. the green number, and I love the lego-skyscraper backdrop-hilarious!


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