Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mission Statement!

And so another weekend ends... just like that... (insert sigh here...)

Down to business:  There are a few reasons I have decided to start this blog.  I have read so many positive, inspiring and uplifting blog entries over the last few weeks and months and it has encouraged me to create my own "happy cyber-place".

Events over recent months and other ongoing issues spanning years now have often gotten the better of me... consequently leaving me with a flood of negative emotions, depressed and extremely sad.  I could go on and on about how tragically sad, unfair and hurtful life and people can be but herein lies the reason for me writing this right now.  I decided a few months ago that if I always react and think how I always have, the results will always be the same... so time for a change.  I decided I needed to see only the good in everyone and their actions, and stop seeing any of the other detail that can change the picture - always give people the benefit of the doubt.   I read something in this linky here the other day that pushed me to turn my thoughts and intentions into more concrete actions:  What I think about, I begin to say. What I begin to say, I begin to do. What I begin to do, I become.

So here we are.  This blog will be my "sponsor".  

- I will find at least ONE highlight for every day.  This is generally not very hard as my girls are 3 beaming lights in my life.  However, what I've already found is that by looking for a highlight, every little moment shines even more and therefore the whole day becomes brighter!
- I am going start getting back to doing more of what I love - reading, sewing, crafts, etc etc.  These are happy activities for me which I have not devoted much time to in the last few years.  So, each month I will read at least one book and complete at least one crafty project that I will outline at the beginning of the month.

Each night I will "check in" with my "sponsor" and "report back" on the day and progress. I Think, therefore I Do and therefore I AM. 

So Blogland - there you have it.  This is what you can expect of me in the days, weeks and months to come.  I am now officially committed!  

And following on from that - here is today's update!

Today's highlights:
- Having just bathed Liezel (2 months old), Hubby sais: She is just Delicious, isn't she?
- I've started and am not far from completing my first project!  Inspiration came from Dee over here.  I found this on Tuesday, mere days before formulating this blog plan, and a day after Heidi's 2nd Birthday...

At her Birthday celebration and on previous occasions it was once again impossible to keep the cake crumbs contained on the tinsy winsy plastic mat we have and use every time... in vain.  Lo and behold, the next day I stumble upon A Solution! Eureka!  Today I had a few moments to cut and sew the quilt part, so it's all downhill (hopefully!) from here!

And because I can, I have a Highlight of the week:
- Heidi's 2nd Birthday.  My adorable little firecracker had an awesome Sunday with her grandparents going on a tram and the ferry!  And then had her favourite Tu-tu-toucan on her birthday cake on Monday with lots of pressies and people!

It took a few hours but I got it done!  From Heidi's favourite song - see it here.
And the ridiculously small mat:

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Sleep tight


  1. BRILLIANT!! This is a fantastic mission statement!! I am really looking forward to reading your happy blogging. (By far my favourite kind!) :) xx

  2. Ps GO YOU with the quilt making--so fun! & Happy birthday Heidi! That cake is amazing!

  3. Just popping over from wordless sunday! Horray for your quilt - I'm planning on doing one too! I'm just finding my feet with number two - 11 week olds! So I think your amazing cranking into it with an eight week old! She is really cute!


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